Name Jaewoong Shim
Position professor
Tel +82-2-970-6485
◾ 2021 Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University (Data Mining)
◾ 2016 M.S., Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University (Data Mining)
◾ 2014 B.S., Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University
◾ AI team lead, RTM
◾ Engineer, Quality Assurance, Memory Business, Samsung Electronics
Research Areas
◾ Machine learning and deep learning techniques including
- Anomaly detection
- Cost-effective learning
- Active learning
- Adaptive learning
- Explainable model
◾ Real-world applications
- Fault detection and diagnosis for manufacturing systems
- Quality control
- Fraud detection
- Health care
Journal Papers
- Domain-adaptive active learning for cost-effective virtual metrology modeling, Computers in industry, vol.135, 2022
- Adaptive fault detection framework for recipe transition in semiconductor manufacturing, Computers & industrial engineering, vol.161, 2021
- Active inspection for cost-effective fault prediction in manufacturing process, Journal of process control, vol.105 pp.250~258, 2021
- Active cluster annotation for wafer map pattern classification in semiconductor manufacturing, Expert systems with applications, vol.183, 2021
- Active Learning of Convolutional Neural Network for Cost-Effective Wafer Map Pattern Classification, IEEE transactions on semiconductor manufacturing, vol.33 No.2 pp.258~266, 2020
Conference Papers
- 이성호, 심재웅, Robust Target Tracking using TDOA Probabilistic Image, SAS 논문 경진대회, 부경대학교 대연캠퍼스, 2022
◾ Nov 2019 ~ Jul 2020, Data-driven Diagnosis and Fault Prediction using Machine Learning, Samsung Electronics
◾ Oct 2019 ~ Apr 2020, The Development of Intelligent Diagnostic Technology to Enhance Quality of Convertor, Hyundai Motor
◾ Nov 2018 ~ May 2019, Data Analysis of Driving Pattern for Advanced Driver Assistance System, Hyundai Motor
◾ Apr 2015 ~ Aug 2015, Data Mining Process for Quality Management of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics
◾ Jul 2014 ~ Jun 2015, Data Mining-based Intelligent Process Control System for Semiconductor Manufacturing, Samsung Electronics
◾ Jan 2014 ~ Jun 2014, Data Analysis to Understanding Students in College for Efficient Academic Management, Office of Information System & Technology, Seoul National University